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Are your scales and chords sounding a little off? Do you find it hard to play along with your favorite tunes because the notes just don't sound right? Chances are that your piano is in need of tuning! Let Bell Piano Service give your instrument the care it needs, and get each note sounding just right!

We are tuning perfectionists

Rest assured that when your piano is tuned by Bell Piano Service, every note will be painstakingly adjusted until they all sound great. We are truly dedicated to tuning perfection. When we're done with your piano, it will sound as good, and work as well as it possibly can!

We tune by ear

While electronic tuners are great for telling you when a note is ringing at the right frequency, we believe that nothing beats a piano tuned by ear, by a trained and experienced professional. Every piano has its own unique character, which develops as you play the instrument in your own unique way.


Our experienced ears allow us to perceive and adjust the subtle nuances in pitch between each individual note of your piano. This means our tuning methods can provide a more cohesive sound that will be more pleasing to the ears of you and your listeners.

Can't pinpoint your piano's issue?

A proper tuning may not be all that your piano needs. Check out our Piano Repairs page to find out how Bell Piano Service can completely care for every aspect of your instrument's well-being!

Let your piano ring out with pitch-perfect notes